I'm Alec Armbruster!

A cinematographer, video editor & motion designer who loves trying new things.

What I'm doing now

I'm currently working within the Disney ABC Television Group in Fresno, California for their owned station KFSN. I create highly effective, high-end marketing campaigns in both linear and digital spaces. I am accustomed to producing, shooting and editing my own work with quick turnaround.

When I'm not working

I'm passionate about rock climbing & indoor bouldering, electrical engineering and music production! I am currently working on my side project, wholegrain, the ultimate UART communication app! Check out my github to check out my programming projects.

Some of my work

Most recent (& older) work can be found by visiting my Vimeo page directly.

Want to collaborate?

Send me an email at alecsamuelarmbruster [at] gmail.com
Add me on Facebook and use Messenger.
Give me a phone call or iMessage # +1 (941) 350-8900.

Download my resume! [pdf .06MB]